Two Crowns of The Egg

Two Crowns of The Egg, Photographs by Michael Somoroff, Authored by Donald Kuspit with poetry by Giannina Braschi (Damiani, 2014)

“I want everything to be in my book. So nothing is left unsaid. I want to say it all. Live it all. See it all. Make everything anew. The end must be the beginning.”
– Giannina Braschi

Two Crowns of the Egg is the newest publication by Michael Somoroff. The book presents an intense series of portraits and nudes taken by Somoroff over the course of seventeen years, along with the Somoroff’s masterful still lifes, that together explore the elusive nature of love, and the psychological and artistic power of Eros. This collaborative work of art about enduring love and the search for Truth involved a creative team comprised of Michael Somoroff, art critic and distinguished professor of Art and Philosophy Donald Kuspit, cutting-edge Latin American writer Giannina Braschi, and reputed art books designer Eileen Boxer.